About Us


MİM-MAK Co. LTD. was founded in 1994 by RAMAZAN DEMİREL and entered in the manufacturing sector with the production of pressured vessels. İn only a short space of time our company take place among major ones and get distinguishable by its quality.

Located in Osmaniye Sanayi Bölgesi, MİM-MAK Co. LTD. operates on an area of 45000m2 currently and it is developing and growing day by day.

Our company realize variegated works like, production all kind of steel constructions, normalization processes, containers, LPG tanks, underground and above-ground storage tanks.

Our company act in accordance with world standards and considering on the suggestions and wishes of our customers, as well as our company ensure with its after-sales service to share customers responsibilities.

MİM-MAK Co. LTD. as a customer-focused company in reference to productions, expanded the own market area in this sector by ensuring high quality; and aims to spread new markets by transferring technological developments and innovations into the wide range of products continuously.

With the institutionalized structure and experienced employees, who used technology in every process of manufacture on the one hand and an entrepreneurial, innovative and outstanding management approach on the other hand, our company aims to get on the top of this manufacturing sector.

İn view of the contemporary world expectations, the assurance of acquired successes and experiences, as well as by providing the best and right solutions in reference to attendance ,non-price competition, success and development; MİM-MAK Co. LTD. makes a hard effort to preferred in the future at all times.